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Date: 2018-02-14 14:32

hey there Oskar .
just like you told ..
its been almost an year since i commented here you put it it in highlight
well gotta say thanks to you, i actually got courage thinking 8775 hey , this might work 8776
and now my upper pecs are so big that my PN dont look that bad .
i think they are now in ratio with respect to the rest of my chest size
i carefully planned chest days.. and my chest plan was simple yet grueling ..
Sharing it hoping it might work for any 6 else .
up your mind that no matter what , you 8767 d always keep trying to improve your self , that even if you dun see results you wont quit
doing Cardio.. do lots and lots of jogging.. it will keep your body tight + active
healthy ,. stop eating wheat . try boiled eggs + Fish (Salmon etc) + Milk + banana ( im not gna say you should become a monk as i do cheat some times on my diet plan , almost once a week , but make it a routine ). This will increase your testosterone levels , making you strong and more confident too
9. Now this is gna sound a bit grueling (many people at gym told me to stop doing this but they never knew the problem im facing so i never listened to them , i know my body , i know how to make it or break it if something is working for them doesnt mean it will work for me , i have my own body requirements ), i did chest workouts every third day at the gym .

Day 6. Chest, , .. rest , Day , Day 5 Bi , Day ,rest Day 7. Chest Day .. rest..
and the cycle continues ..
5. About the exercises .. i kept em simple but heavy ,. remember if you have PN due to hormonal balance , the only natural solution is that you increase your upper chest pecs size so that they may look normal in ratio . and its a simple rule at gym , you want size you need to lift heavy (dont go heavy directly.. slowly make your way to the top while keeping a good technique ) .
i kept it light at first and then gradually increased the weight .. instead of increasing numbers , i increased the Quality+weight (some nosy people at the gym tried to present their opinion like 8775 hey you should increase the number of reps instead of increasing the weight but i knew i need to get my chest size bigger instead of giving it a cutting )
started from Inclined barbell of 5kg , in almost an year i am not doing 85Kg on each side / started with the inclined dumbbell press of 5kg. i am using 67kg dumbbells currently

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